Fellowship Bible Church and Front Range Bible Church have voted to merge under the name of Fellowship Bible Church. Keeping this name will simplify a number of things going forward but should not be taken to imply that one church is just “absorbing” the other. This is a merger of equals!!

Fellowship Bible Church was formed in 1982 as the merger of Edgewater Baptist Church and Mountain Valley Bible Church.  We are a small, neighborhood, community church, serving the city of Edgewater and the surrounding areas of northwest Denver, south Wheat Ridge, and northeast Lakewood.  But, because of the quality of the ministry of our church and strong personal connections, we have a number of people who drive from outside of those areas to attend our church.

Although we are a small church, we have a wide age-span of people who attend, as well as a wide range of “life circumstances,” including:

single adults, couples with young children, single-parent families, families with teenagers, divorced persons, “empty-nesters, and those whose spouses have passed away.

While theological “labels” do not tell the whole story about an organization, there are a number that would describe us, theologically and practically as…

Conservative, evangelical, theologically fundamental, Biblical, Dispensational, Cessationist, blended, respectful worship, “Free Grace,”  warm, friendly, family atmosphere.

If these terms describe the type of church you are looking for, then come and visit us!  If you have questions about any of these terms, and what we mean by them, please either call or email us.