Jacob P. Heaton and his wife Amanda live in Thornton, Colorado where they raise their three sons Titus, Bakker, and Daniel. The elders of Front Range Bible Church, Jacob Heaton and Bernie Reed, and the elders of Fellowship Bible Church David Kummer and Dan Gaines worked together to merge the two churches where the four are currently co-elders together over the merger where the name Fellowship Bible Church was retained. Jacob has been the pastor of Fellowship Bible Church since February 2022, and was the pastor of Front Range Bible Church from April 2021, until February 2022. In addition, Jacob is on staff at Fort Collins Bible College where he teaches the Biblical Framework and Discipleship.

Jacob received his B.A. at Frontier School of the Bible in LaGrange, WY, and is currently pursuing a ThM at Chafer Theological Seminary and a M. Div. at Colorado Biblical University.